German Shepherd puppy training

After getting a German Shepherd puppy, you may soon want to consider doing some German Shepherd puppy training. The relationship with your dog will only thrive and grow when he knows what you want and you understand how he will respond. Keep reading for some tips on how to train your new puppy.

This breed is one of the most widely recognized working dogs around. The German Shepherd breed was developed in the 19th century by a man named Max von Stefanitz who is also widely known as the father of the German Shepherd breed. While they find themselves in many jobs, he distinguished himself among others as the first dog to serve as a guide for the blind. Currently, they reign as one of the most popular dogs in the world.

While a puppy, your German Shepherd will need to be socialized right away and internally obedience trained. Just like other dogs, this breed does not respond well to harsh or harmful training methods. They have been developed to be highly educated and obedient in nature. You will need a firm hand while training along with fairness, respect, consistency and praise. This breed is known to have a very good intelligence which helps in various activities such as obedience, tracking, ring sport, foraging, agility, and other competitive tasks. Being a popular working dog, the German Shepherd breed often finds itself involved in search and rescue operations, police duties, guiding the blind, and military service work.

Like almost any puppy, they won’t do much except eat, sleep, and play while they reach adulthood anywhere up to 21 days old. Also at this age, they don’t really care where they go to the bathroom. However, just after this age, they will look for a place to go to the bathroom away from their usual living quarters. At this time, your German Shepherd puppy will be ready to learn other things such as using a crate.

These other things may involve a little bit of pre-training including getting your puppy to come when called. There are two things you will want to do in order for your dog to come. In unison, say loudly “Come” while clapping happily to get your pup’s attention and for him to come to you. Once he arrives, give him plenty of compliments. This exercise is basically a precursor to your regular training sessions.

You would be wise to adhere to the basic principles of thought for training your puppy. These are some guidelines that will help your entire family get along with your puppy so that he learns quickly. While using these guidelines, keep in mind that your puppy will always learn not only in formal training. Almost every minute of the day, your puppy will use his brain to learn more about you and his surroundings.

You will certainly find that training your newly acquired German Shepherd puppy will be a great deal of enjoyable fun for your puppy and for you. At all times you should have a good time while training. Otherwise, you are either doing something wrong or need to hold off until the next tutoring session.

The pleasure you get from owning a German Shepherd and interacting with him during his or her life will be great. Just remember that in order to stay that way, you still need to hold the position of group leader. Otherwise, your dog will soon assume this role, which means potential problems for your family.

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