Information about the Siamese cat – the good, the bad and the ugly

I love Siamese cats, but I will tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth with honest Siamese cat information!

Let’s start with the “good” facts about the Siamese.

The Siamese can be obsessively loyal and loyal. Siamese are intelligent, although with the occasional exception (or perhaps they are just pretending) Siamese cats are often talkative; They seem to understand you even if they choose to be a little deaf at times. Siamese cats and kittens have personality, no cute and boring cat here. Siamese cats give and expect to receive. All the time.

The Siamese cat has an easy care coat so it does not require lengthy and expensive visits to the grooming salon. Others even appreciate having their nails done – ‘a bunch of sorts’. You can even purchase nail caps in some fun design colors, great for your indoor Siamese and for protecting your furniture.

Siamese are beautiful and a pleasure to watch. Definitely better than watching TV. This cat knows that she is special and is happy to lend some of her ‘aura’ to someone special. Your Siamese will love to keep you company. And keep your company. and again. Cats or Siamese cats love the heat more than most cats, and preferably in your bed if you get half a chance.

are you ready? Bad Cat Siamese Facts

This Siamese loyalty may be more dog-like than cat-like. bad? If you’re the type who hates being smothered, you may be better off with a less obvious upbringing. Siamese cats expect to help you write your great American novel (chapter 1: kjf*&^%#^9ojn3o9iunf93). Don’t expect to hide in the bathroom for a little peace and quiet – it’s their favorite room, and anyway they refuse to be locked away. a period.

The Siamese is smart. Don’t expect your bright Siamese to wait for you to get home before you get naughty. They need to keep that brain entertained, and if you don’t leave them plentiful reading material or some good movie about watching birds, the Siamese (even the Siamese cat) will find amusement wherever they can. You’ve seen some amazing flower arrangements and indoor gardens created by bored Siamese. Be prepared to spend time playing.

I’ve known many quiet Siamese, but when they are loud, noisy boy! If you bring home a talkative copy, meditation and reasoning may be better than lessons.

When they’re bad, they’re really bad

The “ugly” side of Siamese cats? Facts can be deceiving and there is no single bad Siamese – although some come close.

jealous cat? Yes, so it’s best not to tease your Siamese or you’ll be on the receiving end of frowning as long as your cat chooses to punish you. To speed up the process of forgiveness, a few appetizers may be accepted at the end. And please, never pet another cat when a Siamese is in earshot. Long after all is forgotten about her, an ambush of historical proportions will be laid on the surprised rival for your affections.

In order not to embarrass my ‘butter will not melt’ writing companion, I shall pause here, but I would be remiss if I did not mention briefly the dodgy garbage habits, some sneakiness, and the inclination towards the domination of Attila of the Hun type.

Please don’t let these small details put you off. So this Siamese cat information It didn’t stop you, you might just be one of the fit and special people for whom the Siamese is a welcome addition to the family. I certainly can’t be without one.

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