Prevent the German Shepherd’s growl

A large dog like a German Shepherd is terrifying enough even without growling behaviour. When growling becomes a habit for a German Shepherd, you must prevent it.


Growling is one of the ways your dog talks to you, other dogs, other people, and strangers. Occasionally growling is appropriate, like every time a stranger approaches, and sometimes it isn’t. Growling is a dog’s way of warning someone to stay away. If someone doesn’t want to be bitten, they’d better hold back.

The German Shepherd may feel threatened when people are around because they may step on him. But he might be warning that if they don’t stop he might do something about it.

When your dog is being taught to be a guard dog, growling can be acceptable in most cases. But it is not a pleasure to growl at you or a loved one.

If your puppy growls even in the presence of friendly people, something is wrong. Your dog may hate the other dog for some reason, or he may have a reason to hate the stranger. The most terrible thing that can happen is a dog growling even at you.

When waste starts to turn into a problem, something needs to be done. Your dog may feel that he has power and that you are no longer the leader.

What to watch out for

If your pet growls at you, do not force a confrontation or attempt physical punishment with your dog. Confrontations will only exacerbate conditions. Your dog may bite or get very scared.

If your pet is growling, your vet should check him out to make sure there isn’t any physical problem with him. Your dog might get hurt and you don’t know about it. If your vet rules out any physical problem, you should follow the advice below.

Prevent wasteful behavior

Training is still the best method. On your own, this problem can be very big. The trainer can help you figure out an educational program for your dog. Training helps restore the best relationship between owner and dog and encourages your dog to view you as the master. Your dog will learn that he enjoys being around you. The German Shepherd is instinctively receptive to education, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Education should help you regain contact with your dog.

Once you re-establish yourself as a leader, your pet will begin to obey you again. He may also discover that he can only growl when told to do so. You will stay on top of things.

Waste is a kind of interaction, and some waste is natural and even beneficial. However, it is not acceptable for a German Shepherd to yell at you or other members of your family. Enrolling your dog in a good training class will restore your position as the leader in the relationship and should stop the growling.

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