Questions to ask Siamese cat breeders

Siamese cats are a wonderful breed to have in your home: they are great with children, do not scratch people or furniture, are not known to chew on electrical wires or other household items and are a lovely animal to show to your friends and guests. When deciding to buy one, you need to ask a few questions of different Siamese cat breeders, to ensure that you are making a good investment, rather than buying yourself trouble.

1. Ask for references. Most people don’t buy an exotic breed of animal, without research and the best you’ll hear in the search is asking Siamese cat breeders for references from past and current clients. If the breeder seems to be late with your request, or needs time to get them both together – be wary. Most breeders will be ready to order and will have a list available to you and other potential clients.

2. Ask to see the cat’s certificate and/or the parents’ certificate. Most health problems are hereditary and if a breeder of Siamese cats does not have the paperwork to prove the cat’s family history: you may be looking for expensive health complications in the future.

3. Ask about warranties. A quality breeder, who cares about his reputation, will give you a guarantee that the kitten will be free of genetic diseases. Considering you’re paying pretty well for a special breed of cat, rather than picking one up at the animal shelter – a guarantee is a must unless you get a deep discount.

4. Ask what treats the cat has taken. All cats need to be dewormed and given their vaccinations. Any good Siamese cat breeder will be already well ahead of their required vaccination schedules.

5. Ask for recommendations for the care of your new cat. A knowledgeable breeder will be able to quickly educate you on how to care for your cat and will present themselves as a source of information throughout your cat’s life.

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