Siamese cat behavior – gloriously naughty?

Disney clearly had a mistrust of the Siamese cat’s behavior! The naughty and mean Siamese in Lady and the Tramp are not the most pleasant characters.

And remember the enemy of the sneaky Siamese cat warrior in TS Eliot’s Old Possum book of practical cats?

Don’t let that bother you. These cartoons tell more about the political anxieties and anxieties of their time than they do about almost intelligent little Siamese cats.

So what is the behavior of Siamese cats and how is it different from the behavior of other cats?

The Siamese is a very ancient breed and over time people have realized that their differences don’t stop at their unusual markings and blue eyes. Physically, the Siamese is slimmer and more elongated, with a narrower face and longer legs than most domestic cats.

When it comes to behavior, the Siamese is a total cat. Siamese can be very good-natured and yes, very naughty (I wouldn’t say bad, I love these cats).

Siamese cats can be very intelligent and tenacious and will do whatever it takes to try and control the roost and get their own way. They will try very hard to judge you too, so watch out. A spoiled Siamese is not always good company.

Unlike most cats, they can be quite clumsy, although many would argue that this is done on purpose to be noticed. It definitely works. This naughty behavior is at its worst around mealtime—or at least when your Siamese is feeding time.

As you can see, the Siamese is not a shrinking violet and may not be the ideal cat for all people. On the other hand, her naughty demeanor is balanced by a very loving nature and most of them just want to cuddle up to the special person of their choice. Counterbalancing the anomaly is the Siamese’s “sense of humor” – that’s right, they can easily make you laugh with their antics, deductive skills, efforts to anticipate you, and their unbelievably fierce jealousy.

Once you have one, you simply cannot imagine a home without a Siamese residence.

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